Moniaive Flower show Saturday 31 August 2024
Welcome back to the 145th Moniaive Flower Show We have 180 classes which can be found on our downloadable schedule (below and above links), along with a downloadable entry form, the printed schedule will be available at various places in Moniaive or contact Fiona McMillan (contact details below).
Flowers, Vegetables, Fruit, Decorative, Baking & Preserves, Handicrafts and Children’s classes​​​​​​​
2023 Cup Winners
About Us
The society was established as the result of a public meeting held on 18 August 1879. The show had a scheduled date of the last Saturday of August and apparently did much to “foster a love of flowers” in the district.
The Memorial Institute was the venue for all floral art, blooms and plants with a marquee outside the hall for all vegetables. The Masonic hall was where “decorated dinner tables” were judged with each table proudly covered with a beautiful embroidered cloth, gleaming table settings and arrangements. The industrial section was held in the School.
During the last war the society was kept alive in its own way. People at this time were unable to travel and exhibit, the gardeners of the large houses and estates nearby donated produce which was then sold for the war effort.
To date the Moniaive Flower Show is still being held on the last Saturday of August. In keeping with the traditions of the show there is a large display of floral art, fruit and vegetables. The show has been held in a marquee at the Makara park since 2014
In recent years the gardens in the village and the wider Glencairn area have been judged a few weeks prior to the show.
Contact Us
Craigholm Chapel Street

Phone: 07743 977313
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